Giddy Up {Guess who’s coming to daycare?}


So, Smushy starts daycare this week! She’ll be going two days a week whilst I am at work. For the past 6 months my Mum has taken care of her on my 2 work days which has been fantastic; and Addison has loved every second of being with Grandma and Grandpa. However, we decided it was now the right time for her to be in more formal care, mainly for the social aspect, and being the busy little bee she is, I know she’s going to love it. Two of her little friends from Mother’s Group are there, which is very reassuring for us both. Last week we attended some orientation days, and of course she had a ball and was soon queen of the sandpit.

All of this is fantastic, yet I am still nervous about the whole thing. I have complete faith in the centre, the staff and Smushy’s ability to thrive there but….she’s my baby and you know, letting go and all that. Leaving your child in the hands of strangers is scary and her adjusting to a new care situation will be a learning curve for us all. I know it will take time and patience and I’m trying to remind myself that I am just a phone call away and that the staff won’t be strangers for long.

All of this aside, I have a small pocket of excitement bubbling away beside the worry. The reason? I’m not at work this week. School starts next week, so this week I’ll have the 2 days to myself. I didn’t organise the dates with that in mind, I actually did it so I could start her off with 2 short days and be available if need be. But the upside is FREEDOM!! 2 whole days to myself! I haven’t had that since Smush was born and to be honest I’m giddy with anticipation, with the idea that I can do whatever I want with this time. The possibilities are endless people.

I could get a pedicure, go to the toilet uninterrupted, eat a sandwich without being assaulted or even enjoy a coffee and book. Wow.

I need a rest man. I really, really need this little break. Smushy has been overwhelmingly difficult of late. The little poppet seems to be going through a massive development curve coupled with the holidays, a change in her routine and this stupidly squashed living situation. The result is one incredibly unsettled, demanding, clingy and cranky toddler. Of course she is incredibly delightful too. (It’s all very multiple personality disorder like.) The cuddles, kisses and growth from a baby to a toddler is just gorgeous and gets you through those nights where she won’t go to bed and upper cuts you without warning. Friends report their similarly aged kids are exactly the same, so at least I know I’m not alone. Truth is, she probably needs a break from me too. (At the very least, she needs someone who knows some new songs, open shut them has gotten old fast.)

Am I wrong for admitting I need some me time? Don’t know, don’t care. A recharged and refreshed Mum is a good Mum, and that’s exactly what I’ll be after two days off.

Wish us luck for this next adventure. Do you have any tips for easing the transition to child care? Would love to hear them.


2 thoughts on “Giddy Up {Guess who’s coming to daycare?}

  1. Claire W

    If Addison has a toy that she sleeps with/finds comfort in it could be a big help! If you’ve got a spare few hours this week, see if your centre will let you visit for an hour or two so Addison can meet the staff and the other children. You’ll most likely have to stay with her, but it will be a great chance for her to start to feel at ease in the environment.
    Don’t get too distressed if she’s upset, it may take a few weeks for her to settle, particularly if it’s her first time in care. Tell the staff what she liked to do at home – they may be able to make the separation easier if they can distract her with something she enjoys. Make sure you say goodbye when you leave – it’s better if she knows you’re leaving (even if it makes her upset) rather than turning around and finding out you’re gone.
    I work in a long day care centre, so if you have any questions I’m happy to help!

    1. Listen Sookie Post author

      Thanks for the tips Claire! We did two mornings last week so I feel better about things having been there. I will definitely say goodbye without dashing. Xx


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