Pantry Play! {2 easy & inexpensive toddler activities}

Moving house is stressful. There is so much to do; all these little (and big) jobs that need to be done. Isn’t moving house the third most stressful thing after divorce and a death? I believe it. On Saturday I had to have a cup of tea and lie down after a trip to the hardware store to choose paint samples. (Seriously, how many shades of white can there be??)  I’ve needed to keep Addison entertained in order to get things done, so I’ve been pulling random items out of the cupboards on a whim hoping they’d be well received. Luckily, they have been and I found the two most successful activities to be simple play with pantry items. You probably have all the items I used in your own cupboards; and you can always find something similar to use anyway.

Saucepans, measuring items and pasta.

Smushy loves transferring items from one place to another. She has also developed a fondness for tongs. This activity kept her occupied for ages and was great for her fine motor skill development. Afterwards we collected all the pasta up together and stuck it in plastic bottles for noise makers. (Not my greatest idea, though she loves it.)

pantryplay6 pantryplay4

Rice Bubbles (Rice Krispies) in a tray.

Yes, it’s messy, so lay down a mat or do it outside. This is a great sensory activity! Loads of crushing, smushing and tasting. Smushy loved moving the cereal from one part of the tin to another. She also enjoyed spreading it all over the table and carpet. Good, easy, messy fun!pantryplay3 pantryplay2 PantryPlay1



6 thoughts on “Pantry Play! {2 easy & inexpensive toddler activities}

  1. Meg Kra

    These are really cute ideas. They would also be inexpensive and you probably always have these items in your house. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from SITS.

    1. Listen Sookie Post author

      Thank you Lisa! It’s funny I guess, but my little one prefers playing with ‘real’ stuff than the plastic crap we’ve spent way too much money on!! A good lesson for the next one I guess! xx


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