What’s happened and what’s going on….


Been a while.


So after an extended break from blogging I have decided to return. Mainly because I miss writing but also because I miss the outlet. And I really need one right now, because frankly, I’m spending waaaaay too much time on Facebook whilst breastfeeding and I’m at risk of becoming a crazy Facebook lady.

(At this point I am extremely glad I didn’t flounce; cause coming back after a flounce is just plain wrong. And possibly very embarrassing.)

Oh yes. Breastfeeding. No I didn’t re-lactate Smushy at almost 3. I had another one. A boy version. His name is Phoenix and we like him a lot.

Anyway this is what happened in the last 12 months…

*We bought a house on the Coast because Sydney is stupidly expensive and we couldn’t live in a facking apartment one minute longer.  At first I felt homesick for the city but then I settled in and now I love it here. I know people; I have beautiful friends, Addison has a massive backyard, we are slowly transforming the place into our dream home and it’s just generally one of the best things we ever did. And I do not enjoy going into the city now. Ha.

*We took our toddler overseas. It was a long flight. Then she wee’d on Spouse in the customs line at LAX. It was pretty awesome.

*I got knocked up in New York.

*We came home and I had the worst pregnancy ever. I spent almost 6 weeks on and off in hospital with HG. (Yes just like Princess Kate and yes I tried crackers and ginger and no they don’t work because it’s not just morning sickness.) I vomited every day till he was born and yes, during labour. I had GD and high BP and it was just generally shithouse.

* I gave birth at 36 weeks via c section after going into spontaneous labour but failing to progress past 3cm. I was giving Smush a bath and my waters broke. I really tried to VBAC but then the epidural failed and I was yelling a lot and then he turned posterior and it was all over. Also, if you ever are near me during Labour..don’t chew gum…Spouse learnt the hard way.

*So Phoenix arrived and he is the most beautiful baby boy. We are all in love with him. Smushy adores him. Sometimes violently.

*I now drive the big car. I can’t park it. Enough said.

*Spouse got a new job and I am off work being a housewife and stay at home mum. I have yet to embrace ironing though. Calm down please.

*I have watched Frozen about 4000 times. Smushy loves it. She’s 3 in July and absolutely gorgeous and funny and spends her days single handedly destroying the house and saying no. But she has spirit and sass, which I love.

And that’s it really. 12 months. New house, new suburb, new car, new baby and a new job for Spouse.

It feels good to be back.


6 thoughts on “What’s happened and what’s going on….

  1. Lila

    Yay! So glad you are back and that you named your beautiful boy after me 😉 (it’s my middle name).

    Ps I flounced and came back, not that embarrassing mostly because I have no shame.


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