Less than Stellar.

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Well. Last week was less than stellar. We got hammered by the aptly named storm of the century; lost power for an extended period, lost everything in our fridge and freezer, the kitchen roof started leaking, the Guinea Pigs had to come inside and to top it off I ended up with a raging case of nipple thrush from b’feeding. Yep. Good times. (I suggest you don’t Google images nipple thrush. Just take my word for it, they only show the worst cases and you might die a little inside.)

Still, many people were far worse off and I’m thankful that we and the house came through it largely unscathed. It was however, wet, freezing and scary for all of us. I was so grateful when we were able to escape to my parent’s place for light, warmth and a working freezer for the salvaged bolognaise I’d just made and the expressed liquid gold.  I also hope Smushy appreciates the fact that I carried two terrified and scratchy guinea pigs from inside the house to the garage in the freezing, pelting rain and cyclonic winds whilst wearing a nightie and thongs. (I couldn’t leave the poor buggers in the house any longer or they were going to die from a heart attack thanks to Smushy maniacally running up to them and yelling, ‘NIBBLES! NOODLES! IN THE BATH!’)

I had such plans for last week too. Having no electricity really messes your world up. Every time I thought of something to do, I felt like whacking myself, because of course it required power. Derrrrrr. And when my phone conked out and the home phone was down it was scary to be so cut off. Bless Spouse who came racing home early on the worst day of it, carrying $50 worth of torches from Bunnings and emergency Maccas. In his words, ‘I know you’re on a diet, but desperate times call for desperate measures.’ I was relieved he arrived before night fell and the wind really picked up, especially since I’d watched Insidious a few days before and was not coping with that. Things weren’t as bad as when I watched The Conjuring and called the police because I thought there was someone in the house who was going to come to the bedroom and clap in my ear. (It was Spouse getting up to have a drink.) Anyway I may have been teetering on the edge of freaking out that the ghosties were going to get me in the dark, so when he walked in I was massively relieved.

I don’t have Spouse home during the week for the manic pre bedtime routine as he arrives home conveniently once it’s all done. I’m a commuter widow 5 nights a week, so having him home early is lovely, even if it was because of the storm of the century.

I’ve spent every day since, enjoying the magical delights of electricity. TV, heater, phone charged, fridge, coffee machine, my NEW JUICER….all good. I’ve also enjoyed having the guinea pig back in their cage and not pooing in my bath. And yeah, the nipple thrush has cleared. Happy days.


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