T is for Tuesday and Tired. {And Tatum, as in Channing.}


Finally a beautiful, warm and more importantly, dry day here on the coast. Smushy is currently playing in her sand pit totally nude. Just go with it I say. The rain was non stop and the end of my tether had been reached. The house felt damp and sticky and both kids have been sick. Smushy had her 4th ear infection since December last week, and after seeing the ENT on Wednesday we got the orders for grommets in and adenoids out. I am so relieved. Not only because this will mean the end of persistent, painful ear infections, and constant anti biotics but also for her hearing and of course, speech. Smushy has an extensive vocabulary, but her clarity isn’t good and she often becomes frustrated and difficult as a result. She can also be quite clumsy. The ENT assures us all this will literally disappear or remarkably improve almost straight away. I am excited for her. Luckily we were able to get a spot next Tuesday as someone had cancelled. Looks like we’ll be hitting the Medicare threshold again this year.

Squishy has also been sick. He sounds like a seal when he coughs and is as cranky as a bear with a sore head. (His head probably is sore to be honest.) His sleeping is pretty shithouse too; and our nice routine has gone to hell. I have suitcases under my eyes. Dr says it’s viral and to ride it out with lots of feeds and panadol. Which really means, bugger off and stop trying to add to Australia’s immunity to anti biotics. Awesome.

I’m exhausted. Even in our routine I’m still feeding at 10/11pm and anywhere between 2-4am. This last week has been every couple of hours. Smush wakes at 5.30 and it all begins again. My energy levels are zip. No motivation to exercise. The only good thing I’m doing is drinking my fresh juices. Alongside 2 cups of coffee and 3-6 Diet Cokes a day. I know, I know. I’m terrible. But how else do you get energy? You can’t replace sleep; all you can do is wire yourself awake. I’m not 100% sure, but I think I might be a bit depressed. Not full ball, just flatter than flat. I’ve no reason to be really. My life is extremely good and I have no right to complain but if my mood were a day; it would be Monday; possibly Sunday night.

I’d like to know what other Mama’s do for energy when they’re not getting a load of sleep. I’ve always gone to the caffeine crux but it’s not working for me. What about those mysterious Vitamin B injections? Iron tablets? Don’t say sugar; for the love of God please don’t say sugar.


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