Minions, Mike & Me…

Spouse took Smush to see her first movie at the actual cinema yesterday. Phoenix was snotty and it was bloody cold; so we stayed at home whilst they traipsed off to see the Minions movie. So many cinema visits for our family in one weekend. My first movie in about 2 years and Smushy’s first movie ever. It went well, apart from her requesting to watch cat videos on YouTube halfway through the film. After Spouse managed to convince her to watch the movie on the big screen, she pretty much made it through to the end. I can’t say I was requesting cat videos halfway through the film I watched. Ahem. No issues focusing on Magic Mike XXL for me.

It was so good to get out of the house for a few hours. A meal without someone throwing their broccoli at me or one that consisted of cold toast and flat diet coke. Being able to talk uninterrupted about something other than Elsa and Anna, or you know, asking someone to stop licking me. Then 2 hours of glorious mindless fluff and fun. And it was really good; funny and engaging. I loved it. But it all required planning and pumping and a bit of fretting. I know that as each month passes, my life opens up a little bit. I get better at taking them both out, and taking some time out. And yet caught up in all of this, is a little voice that sits down inside of me and says…Not so fast; you’re not done yet.


But oh I should be, remember? REMEMBER?! 2 beautiful children. My heart is full and my hands are definitely full. But yet, there’s still space for one more. And I know; I know what you’re thinking. 3 will flatten me, my life will never be the same and any life that I get back with time, will be gone again. For a very long time. I’ve heard it all. Not to mention me and pregnancy aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. I have to lose weight that’s for sure. And yet, and yet…I’m not done yet.

Maybe in 6 months I’ll feel different. Maybe next week I will. But please don’t scorn me, for today I’m not done. Not yet.



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