Get down with the Sickness {Or Don’t, Please.}

Hello, it’s been a while.

These are some surreal days and I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but I’m scared and unsettled and sad. And maybe you are too. I’m scared for my parents, for my friends with vulnerable health conditions and for myself and Addison, chronic asthmatics. Outside the world is unsettling and eerie and still. Unless you’re in Coles and then people are loud and panicked. It’s like Christmas…in the apocalypse. And finally, I’m sad. I’m sad for people losing their jobs, for the artists who can’t perform, for the medical staff stretched thin and for my kids who are being tipped upside down and around. For Phoenix who is missing his first Easter Hat Parade at school and Addison, whose anxiety is so bad she can barely hold it together. And for our baby, Hendrix, who can’t go to swimming lessons and wonders why. So if you’re feeling these things and you worry you’re the only one or that these are simply ‘first world problems’, well you’re not. So here is a virtual hug and a reminder that your feelings are valid and expected.

It’s taken me some time but I’m trying to reframe the situation in my mind to reflect the idea that this is the universe or nature or some sort of higher power shit telling us to stop. To stop being such shambolic, all consuming, distracted beings. And maybe I’m wrong and that’s stupid but it’s helping me make sense of this whole situation and figure out how I can grow from this and best support those around me.

As long as I don’t get ‘rona and cark it.

I want to assure the parents who are keeping their kids home that their education isn’t going down the toilet. This is but a moment in time and they are resilient. Remember this, you aren’t homeschooling in the sense that you have chosen that lifestyle over formal schooling and therefore must meet curriculum requirements and departmental guidelines. You are not a teacher. So take this time to mix and match the work their school may set with real world learning. You don’t need to be sitting them down for 6 hours and panicking about topics and worksheets. Use the mornings to work through what the school sets then spend the afternoons learning through play, through nature, through movement, through cooking or reading. Let them watch some TV and give yourself a goddamn break because nobody needs to lose their minds over this anymore than we already are.

I understand older kids, especially those doing their final year are a different cup of tea and you need to discuss this with their school however I am sure the Department will put provisions in for this year. For the younger set though, this is but a blip on the radar of life and the greatest thing you can do now is foster connection and keep things basic and calm.

Look after yourselves. And each other.

PS If you sign up via the pop up I will be sending some ideas for literacy and the like. Will also be doing some live stories and activities on my blog Instagram @listensookie xx

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