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May the force be with you…

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I have decided to make May my bitch. You know how some people take a few hours to warm up of a morning? I’m like that with years. It’s taken me 4 months to get a handle on 2015. And let’s face it, I have a pretty decent excuse for living in a cluster fuck vacuum up until this point. Hello new baby. Hello toddler and new baby. Goodbye Sleep. Goodbye Brain. However despite waking twice a night still, we’re all more settled into a routine and the sleep dep is my new normal again. I do know, that this too shall pass and at some point Squishy will sleep through just like his sister eventually did. Luckily we have a great day routine going and I know what to expect overnight. Order has somewhat returned. Somewhat.

Which brings me to the whole toddler and baby combo. Damn son. It’s a pretty rough pairing; or at least I’m finding it so. It’s guilt over not paying the second the same attention that the first got. Addison had a bathing routine; Phoenix gets a wash. Addison had scheduled tummy time complete with music; Phoenix gets chucked on the mat whilst Peppa Pig rages on in the background and Addison screams because I brushed her hair. It’s trying to meet both kid’s vastly different needs simultaneously whilst juggling the toddler’s jealously of the new sibling and their ability to turn into the devil at any moment. I’m not going to lie, there have been a few occurrences lately where I had to abort outings early due to Smushy’s less than pleasant behaviour. And believe me, I don’t take going out lightly. Us getting to the car takes 30 minutes of prep. At least. Then getting them both into the car is another shall we say, event. I’m exhausted before we even leave. So when she flips the switch in public, I gotta bounce. You know when I had Addison I thought it was the hardest thing I had ever entered in to, just navigating life with a baby I mean. But now? With two? Wow. That’s all I have to say. Perspective hey?

(Maybe I’ll have another one. Surely a third would just slip right in at this point. Would hardly notice I reckon. And if it’s a girl I can call her Piper. DIBS.)

Some days I think I’m winning at parenting and everyone is happy. Exhausted, but happy. Then other days I have to hide in the pantry and shove biscuits in my gob just to stop from screaming. It’s a balance. But I wouldn’t change it.

So May? Yeah May. I’m going to sort myself out. I’m starting to conquer the sugar and I feel better for it. I’m upping my exercise too. I’m building my Bunting business up again and even thinking of branching out into sewing some funky bibs for bubs. I’m loving blogging again and I feel like a breath of fresh air is slowly blowing into my life. Like I said, it just takes me a few months to warm up; to wake up. And I’m definitely awake these days.

Happy Friday!


My Baby is 1! {Happy Birthday Smushy}

My baby is one. I am the mother of a one year old. Is she a toddler yet? Or does she have to be walking for that label? Time is ridiculous and I can’t believe a year has gone by since the first time I saw her in my arms. She has changed so much in such a small amount of time. We too, have changed; our lives and ourselves altered like we could never have believed.
Addison came to fruition very quickly. A week or so after I announced I wanted a baby, I saw 2 pink lines. I was shocked and happy and waited for Spouse to come home from his morning run in Malibu. When he got home he demanded to know how I knew, did I do the test on the internet? That was an interesting discussion.
I was so sick from Week 6 onward. I vomited from 6am to Midnight and lived off Sunkist and crackers. If I never see those orange cans again, it will be too soon. We decided to have her in Australia and I farewelled my beloved America. Now whilst she came to be quickly, Addison didn’t come out quite so fast. I spent 68 hours in labour. Finally on the Sunday morning I had an epidural (possibly the best decision of my life) and they broke the bag. She was posterior and stuck. I never got past 7cm dilated and at 9.05pm that night she was born via emergency c-section after a concerning trace. I was kinda tired after all that.
I don’t remember much of the early days now. It’s a bit of a haze, a happy one though and I have special memories of funny little times. The first time she rolled over and the shock on her face, the quiet late night feeds, where it was just her and I, alone in the world and the first time she smiled at me and my heart burst.
The second six months has been incredible in terms of her growing and changing. Addison is so happy and funny. She never stops ‘talking’ and she smells really good. She loves the water and books and has a slight obsession with Peppa Pig. Addison loves my chicken and apple meat balls and picking up and eating Rice Bubbles one by one. Being outside is her favourite thing and if she finds paper, she’ll eat it. Addison is terrified of the vacuum cleaner and is no fan of broccoli. She loves music and can bust a move like no other.
Happy Birthday Addison Grace. I hope you continue to find as much joy in living and the world around you as you do now. I wish you love, laughter and happiness for every day of your life. I am a better person for knowing you and the world is a sunnier place with you in it.  We love you so much baby girl. To the moon and back again.
Mama and Dada.

{We survived the first year! Champagne!!}

Time is flying {And Smushy is almost one…}

Remember when long weekends involved three days of sleeping till noon and consuming 3 bottles of wine and 14 packets of Cheezels in one afternoon? Yeah, me neither. These days, public holidays mean an extra pair of hands for an extra day. Always good round 5pm thank you very much. I honestly had no idea it was a long weekend until Thursday night when someone mentioned it on Facey. Not working (As in, not working out of the home. Let’s not go there shall we?) means I often have no idea what the date is. 2013 is speeding by and our little baby is fast becoming a toddler.
Spouse and I lay in bed last night discussing our life now versus pre Smush. We’ve been doing it a lot lately. I think as we approach her first birthday we’re both reflecting on the changes she’s brought to our lives. I cannot believe it’s almost a year since she was born. Time is crazy. She is such a little person now and I adore her huge personality and funny little ways. And for me? I am more and more able to see myself again. Beating the sleep demons has helped immensely but even before that, the passing of time and her growing more independent and gaining new skills has helped me get a handle on life again. The shock of childbirth and those early days are slowly dissipating and mostly it’s a bit of a blur now. Though I doubt I’ll ever recover from 14 people all crowded round the errrr, end of the bed area. 
I can see past the baby brain and into the future. That feels good. Making plans for the 3 of us is nice, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Making plans for me is good too. There is no harm, only benefit, in looking after myself also. 
 Life will never be the same but that’s absolutely fine by us. In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way and honestly, I wouldn’t trade her in for all the sleep ins in the world!
All together now…awwwwwww.