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Rainy Day Play {2 Terrific Toddler Activities}

It’s really wet in Sydney today, which is a very good thing for dousing those awful bushfires but not so good for keeping small people happy. Spouse took the car and I have tonnes to do round here, so it’s an inside day for sure.

I set up two little activities for the Smush today. She’s tired from a busy weekend and was happy to get involved with some quiet and easy play. These two activities are super easy to set up and you can source the materials from around the home!

   Sensory Rice Play





You’ll need:


*A bunch of bowls, scoops, spoons etc

* A mat.

Pour the rice in the bowls and let your little one go to town. It’s messy but easy to clean up, and if you do it on vacuuming day, it’s a non issue! Smushy spent ages transferring the rice between bowls and generally having a great time. Next time I might colour the rice first, as I know she’d love that.

Pegs in the Milk Bottle



You’ll need:


*Milk Bottle or Carton

Smush is obsessed with pegs. Utterly and completely obsessed. So I figured she’d love this and she did! She stuck them all in, one by one and then tipped them out. And then did it all again; over and over. It’s a great fine motor activity. Make sure the milk bottle is washed out first!



Water Play! {Terrific Toddler Activities}

I am loving this weather! I know what you’re thinking…”Is Mez high?” Yes. Yes, I am high on life! Ha. No, I just decided to quit bitching about the heat and uncover my fat for the world to deal with. I’m over it, so you can be too. Smushy loves the warmth and seems to understand that it means one thing…water. She is obsessed with three things in life; pegs, dirt and water. (Also Jimmy Giggle, but that’s another story.) She especially likes the combination of pegs, dirt and water.

This all leads to one thing…the easiest of the easy toddler activities, Water Play! We don’t have one of the fancy sand/water tables. But we do have the baby bath. Considering it was barely used, I’m glad it’s getting a second life. Whack in the water, toys, kitchen things and a splash of food dye and voila! Hours of fun.


(The food dye washed out easily, however maybe don’t let them play in their ballgowns, just in case. Also, before anyone calls children’s services on me; she’s lathered in sun-cream and started off with a hat. The hat was promptly thrown over the balcony. Smushy has excellent aim.)

listen sookie water play 3 listensookie water play 2 listensookie water play 4 listensookie water play


      *So simple to set up and pack up.

*Cheap! Use household items. Addison loves measuring spoons and cups.

*Easy to clean up.

*Sensory Play opportunities.

*Imaginative Play opportunities.

*Lots of opportunities for talk.


*Watch for slips! Lay a towel down if necessary.

*Weather related- probably not a Winter activity.

*Maybe don’t try this inside.