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Zucchini Slice Muffins & Toddler Meal Planning Printables.

A bit of a double whammy post today; as I have morphed into full blow crazy lady organising mode. I got a taste for it last week and I have now gone headlong into the zone. My meal planners were crazily well received last week so I thought I’d tie in some planning for the small people in your life. (Big Brother wrapping up for the year is possibly partly responsible for this. Suddenly my evenings are free as we are no longer glued to our TV set watching the antics of a bunch of 20 something crazies. What can I say? It sucks you in. Without it, I have way more time to potter around and get stuff done. Funny that.)

Also, more time to worry; especially about Smushy. She has become super picky with foods again and will only consume brown bread with honey or Vegemite, and grapes dunked in yoghurt. I’ve been giving into this as I’ve really been disorganised of an evening especially and now I feel I’m responsible for her getting all uber fussy. I decided to create some meal plans for her dinner times too. Mostly they encompass what we eat, but there are a bunch of kid type recipes that I make especially for her too, so it’s good to have it all written down in front of me. I have a monthly or weekly printable for your use. And because I’m super nice, there’s one worded for kids also. 

Meal Plan Toddler

 Toddler Meal Plan Printable

Toddler Weekly Meal Plan

Toddler Meal Plan Weekly Printable

Kids' Meal Planner

Kids’ Meal Planner

 The one thing Smush will happily eat besides brown bread at the moment is my Mum’s zucchini slice which I have adapted into muffins. They are so incredibly delish and we have been eating this in slice form for as long as I can remember. It’s such a common recipe and so easy, but it’s yummy and filling to boot. The muffins are easy for little hands to grasp and the hidden veggies are a bonus. The cooking time is less than for a slice, so watch them.

 My Mum’s best ever zucchini slice muffins.

*2 medium zucchinis, grated.

*1 large onion, finely chopped.

*3 rashers of bacon, finely chopped.

*1 cup low fat shredded cheddar cheese.

*1 cup self raising flour, sifted.

*1/4 cup vegetable oil. (Or Olive if you prefer.)

*5 eggs, lightly beaten.



Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Grate zucchini coarsely; finely chop onions and bacon.

Combine zucchini, onion, bacon and sifted flour.zs3

Add lightly beaten eggs.

zs4Add cheese; season with salt and pepper and stir to combine.


Spoon into a well greased muffin tin. (I used canola spray and they slid out perfectly.) I had enough for 12 muffin cups. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for approximately 20-25 minutes or when a skewer comes out clean.zs6

 Eat and enjoy! I froze a whole bunch for later. An easy meal for toddlers and kids; and you too!


Noms on a Friday {Sneaky Greens}

I am becoming my mother. Yes, I am now actively seeking out ways to hide vegetables in food. Sigh.  (You’ll be happy to know I have not yet crossed over into the ‘wiping my child’s face with a tissue that I just licked‘ territory.) Anyhoo, bombarded with messages of child obesity trends and the old perfect parent brigade I’m feeling I need to get more veggies into her. Right now she’s having her orange period. Carrots, steamed sweet potato and pumpkin ‘sticks’ abound. However I’d like some more variety in her intake.
Honestly though, how the heck does Smushy know that a vegetable is a vegetable and the whole ‘reputation’ that a vegetable has? She’s been alive for 9 months and 4 days yet she can sniff out a sneaky green a mile away. I swear I actually watched her sniff the spoon once and when she figured out it was fruit and yoghurt she ate it. I tried to switch up the spoon with potato and broccoli and she clamped her mouth shut the minute it got near her.
I don’t blame her really.
I’d rather eat my own arm than broccoli.
So, I’ve been testing out some new finger foods. These two muffin recipes from The BLW Cookbook pass the veggie sneak test and are delicious  I’ve tweaked them a bit and am happy with the result. So is spouse, he tried to steal a whole bunch. (If you do want to eat some, try with a spread of butter on them. Yummo.)
Carrot and Apple Muffins
200g half wholemeal, half white flour. (Or whatever you have.)
60g butter, melted.
2 large eggs, beaten.
2 large carrots, grated.
2 apples, grated.
3 tbs milk.
Juice of 2 oranges. (Optional, but it adds a lovely sweet flavour without having to use added sugar.)
Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees, line or grease 12 muffin tins.
Sift the flour. Combine eggs, carrots and apples in a separate bowl. Add butter and mix well. Add wet ingredients to the flour, fold together gently. Add milk to soften mixture. Spoon into tray and bake for 10-15 minutes. Voila! I freeze these for a rainy day too.
Cheese and Spinach Muffins
Tbs Olive Oil
Small red onion
1 tsp cayenne pepper (Optional- use your discretion, I lessen)
175g plain flour (I use half wholemeal/half white)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
110ml milk
125g grated tasty cheese
60g baby spinach or frozen spinach if preferred
Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees. Fry the onion. Sift the flour, baking powder and pepper. Beat the egg, add the milk to the egg and then fold into the dry ingredients  Add the cheese, onion and spinach, gently mix and then spoon into tray.
Bake for 15-20 minutes and then allow to cool. Yummo. I freeze these too.
Happy almost Weekend!